What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Traffic Tickets?


A driver’s license is essential to get to and from work, to accomplish necessary daily needs, and to provide as ID. But if you get too many tickets and do not resolve them, you can lose your license, pay higher fines, and more. If you have unpaid speeding tickets, our Tarrant County traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP, can assist you with your tickets in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, and Kaufman counties.

More Fines

If you have traffic tickets in Texas and do not address them before the appearance date, the court fees will increase. There could be additional fees as well – warrant fees, OMNI holds, and SCOFFLAW fees.

Do not ignore your traffic tickets if you cannot afford to pay. Contact our traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP at (214) 370-8260 to help with your traffic ticket.


If you do not address your Tarrant County speeding tickets, the Court could put an OMNI hold on your driver’s license. The hold on your license will remain until you resolve these cases. You cannot renew or update your driver’s license until these issues are resolved.

It is in your best interest to retain the traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP who are experienced in addressing OMNI holds. First, we will post bonds to have the warrants lifted and then advise you on when to pay the OMNI holds. OMNI fees are paid directly to the Court, and each Court has different procedures as to when the holds can be paid.


The SCOFFLAW program in Texas allows the state to put a hold on your vehicle registration if you owe the state or county for unresolved traffic tickets. This block can only be removed when you resolve your tickets.

Warrant For Your Arrest

A warrant will be issued for your arrest – you can be arrested anywhere – not just in y our car, but also at home or at work. Avoid what could be a most embarrassing situation, and contact the traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP as soon as you receive a ticket.

Points On Your Driver’s License

If your tickets are not handled properly, judgments of guilt could be entered on your driving record. Points would be entered, and too many points on your driving record would result in the suspension of your driver’s license and possibly an increase in your car insurance rates. Avoid this situation and contact the traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP.

Other Consequences

You also should consider the additional consequences of not resolving your traffic tickets. It may be harder to get a positive resolution to other traffic violations in the future. You also may have difficulty getting acceptable and affordable auto insurance rates and even car loans.

Are you planning to move to another state? Do not think the traffic tickets can be forgotten. Most states are part of the Non-Resident Violator Compact. This allows states to share information about driver license suspensions and traffic tickets. If you move out-of-state and try to get a new driver’s license, you may find that your old traffic tickets will prevent you from getting one.

Options To Resolve Old Traffic Tickets

None of us like to pay for traffic tickets, but it is best to address them as quickly as possible. And remember – no matter how old, your tickets need to be addressed. These are your options:

Pay Your Tickets In Full

Contrary to what you may think, paying your traffic ticket or requesting a payment plan prior to your appearance date is not a viable option. The Court might close your case, but these two options mean you have essentially pleaded guilty to the ticket. Judgment of guilt will be entered on your driving record, and that results in points on your driving record. Too many points and your driver’s license will be suspended.

Take A Defensive Driving Class

Another option is to take a defensive driving class to have your case dismissed. The State allows you to take one class per twelve months. However, do not take the class before requesting the Court to grant your request and paying the required fee to the Court. If granted, you have a certain number of days to complete the TEA-approved class, submit the Certificate of Completion and submit your driving record. If you comply with all these requirements, your ticket should be dismissed.

Fight The Ticket

Do you think law enforcement was wrong to issue you the ticket? You think that you are innocent. You think that the charge is bogus. You can always plead not guilty, appear in court and fight the ticket.

Yes, you can represent yourself in court, but the judge will not give you leeway because you are not an attorney. As a pro se defendant, you must know the law and court procedures just like a lawyer. Unfortunately, many people who represent themselves make mistakes that lead to a conviction. Instead, contact our traffic ticket attorneys to represent you. Our attorneys will review the ticket and the circumstances surrounding the police stop. Our goal is to help you keep your driving record clear of the offense and try to get court fees reduced.

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