When Should You Retain A Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

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Getting a ticket in Dallas or anywhere in Texas for that matter is annoying and expensive. You think that you could easily handle your ticket, such as speeding, by paying a fine or appearing in court, but if you do not understand the law, you might not get the best possible disposition. For a more serious traffic violation, such as failing to control speed, you should immediately seek the advice of a well-experienced attorney. Have questions about a recent Dallas traffic ticket? Call our experienced Dallas traffic ticket lawyers at Anderson & Anderson, LLP, and we can answer them.

What Are Your Options With A Texas Traffic Ticket?

When you receive a Texas speeding ticket or any type of traffic ticket, remember that it is just an allegation that you committed an alleged offense. Signing the traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt. The ticket is simply a summons notifying you to appear in a particular Court and on or before a specific time (the appearance date). You always have the right to hire a Dallas traffic ticket attorney to defend you – whether it’s to contest the alleged offense or simply to work out the best deal without the necessity of you taking off work to appear in Court.

You always have the right to defend yourself in court (pro se), but it is best to hire an experience attorney to represent your interests. If the traffic citation is not addressed properly, you could receive conviction on your driving record. More severe traffic tickets, such excessive speeding, could have additional and expensive requirements in addition to paying the fine.

First, you need to know your appearance date, the date by which you must enter a plea before a warrant is issued. Consult our traffic ticket attorneys before you decide which plea to enter – guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Without proper legal knowledge, you could enter the wrong plea. Our traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP will advise you and help you maintain a clean driving record.

Other Options Besides Paying The Traffic Ticket

Depending on the alleged offense there are additional options to keep the alleged offense from resulting in a conviction on your driving record. One option is to take a driver safety course (defensive driving). To be eligible for the driver safety course, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must not have completed a course in the last 12 months
  • For a speeding ticket, you cannot have been traveling more than 24 MPH over the posted speed limit
  • You must have a valid Class C driver’s license, not a commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • You must provide proof of valid and current insurance.

The second option, in some cases, is deferred adjudication. If you are eligible, you enter a plea of guilty or no contest, pay a deferred disposition fee, and must receive no new citations during the deferral period (probationary period up to 180 days). If you successfully comply with the terms and conditions of the deferred disposition order, the court will dismiss the offense without finding you guilty. Please note that being placed on deferred disposition is at the sole discretion of the Judge.

Due to the intricacies of the law, it is in your best interest to retain the experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP.

Hiring A Traffic Ticket Attorney

Whether you should hire a traffic ticket attorney in Dallas depends on many factors. You may want to retain a lawyer if you have several violations that could lead to a suspended license or much higher insurance costs. Also, if you go to court yourself and lose, the cost of the ticket and court fees could easily end up costing you more money – fine payment, increased insurance premiums, time off work, suspended license, etc.

Further, if you are a commercial driver and hold a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you are held to a higher standard and subject to stricter rules even if you are driving in your personal vehicle. regular drivers. Potential benefits of hiring a Dallas traffic ticket lawyer are:

Your Attorney Can Go To Court For You

If you handle the ticket yourself (pro se), you may have to take time off work to appear in court, pay for parking, etc. Oftentimes, you do not need to peraonally appear in Court if you hire a lawyer.

You Receive Informed Legal Advice

Most people with traffic violations lack the legal and court knowledge to obtain the best possible disposition. Our experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP handle Dallas traffic tickets daily and understand the legal tactics that could result in a favorable outcome.

Experience With Traffic Court Trials

Our Dallas traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP who have years of experience are much more likely to win than non-attorneys because we have spent hundreds or thousands of hours in court and we know what is needed to get the best possible disposition.

Non-attorneys can get sidetracked on irrelevant facts that can damage their case. For instance, saying, “I did not see the speed limit sign” might be accurate, but this is not a valid legal defense. If that is your argument in court, you might be convicted.

Attorneys Understand The Rules Of Evidence

If your case goes to trial, you are disadvantaged without an attorney. One of the biggest reasons to retain a lawyer is their knowledge of Texas law – for example, the rules of evidence. Many defendants come to court with photos, graphs, and other evidence that would benefit their case. But they are shocked to discover that they cannot present the evidence to the jury because none of the items were introduced correctly per the rules of evidence.

They Know How To Get A Case Dismissed

Many defendants incorrectly believe a traffic ticket case is dismissed only if the police officer is not present at the hearing, but in many courts, this is not correct. From finding factual and legal errors in the complaint to talking to the prosecutor about possible mitigating factors, your lawyer will strive for a dismissal.

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How Traffic Ticket Convictions Can Impact Everyday Life 1025

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Many people in the Arlington region tend to drive too fast to reach their destinations. They may reach their destination sooner, but they risk receiving a traffic citation for speeding. Learn how traffic ticket convictions can impact your life. Talk to our Arlington traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP, for assistance.

What Are The Effects Of A Traffic Ticket Conviction?

Violating traffic laws, such as driving over the speed limit, is dangerous and can be very expensive. If you are cited, contact immediately our experienced traffic ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP. because if you are convicted of a traffic violation, expect the following consequences:


You face considerable fines in Texas if the court finds you guilty of the offense. For example, Forbes states that the average speeding ticket in Texas for going 10 MPH over the limit is about $223 plus court costs, and going 15 MPH over the limit will cost approximately $255 plus court costs.

Points on your license and the Texas driver’s license point system

Not addressing a traffic ticket properly can result in points being put on your Texas driving record. Texas uses a point system that penalizes drivers with traffic convictions. And too many points in a limited period on your driving record can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Four points or more within 12 months or seven points within 24 months will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Two points are added for the conviction of a moving violation, such as speeding. Three points are added if speeding results in a crash. Points will remain on your driving record for three years.

Higher insurance rates

Your insurance premiums could increase if you are convicted of too many traffic violations in Arlington. You may not see a higher rate immediately, but you can expect your premium to increase when your policy is renewed. In Texas, the average annual increase for auto insurance after a conviction for a speeding violation is $555.

Difficulty getting or keeping a job

Some jobs can be affected by too many Arlington traffic tickets. For instance, too many tickets and convictions can affect your ability to obtain a security clearance. Also, many employers require a clean driving record to be employed, such as Uber or Doordash drivers.

What To Do After Receiving An Arlington Traffic Ticket

After you get an Arlington traffic ticket, you can try to handle this case on your own. You can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you plead guilty or no contest, you admit that you violated the law. In this case, you can pay the fine by mail, online, or in person. Or you can contact the Court and request a Texas-approved driving safety course to have the violation dismissed.

If you plead not guilty, you must appear in court to fight the ticket. You can make your case to the Arlington traffic court judges yourself – pro se. If you do this, you are expected to have the same knowledge as an attorney.

Do not try to handle the ticket on your own. You may initially save some money, but if not handled properly you will end up owing a lot of money in the long run.

While some defendants may successfully argue their case pro se, it is best to simply contact our experienced Arlington tickets at Anderson & Anderson, LLP who know the law and the rules of the court. We will guide you through the process and help you to try and keep your driving record clear of this offense.

When Can A Traffic Ticket Be Dismissed?

Most people think that simply paying the fine will result in the dismissal of the ticket. The case will be closed. The ticket will be dismissed. But that is not the end. Before you plead not guilty to your ticket, you should know several things that affect whether it can be dismissed. First, what is the violation? Is it only speeding, or did you commit other infractions, too? Some of the common violations that often accompany a speeding ticket are:

  • Driving with an expired registration, insurance, or driver’s license
  • Driving without a front license plate or altered license plate

Furthermore, your ticket cannot be dismissed in Texas if you were going 25 MPH or above the speed limit. It also cannot be dismissed if you received a ticket in a school or construction zone. However, if your driving record is fairly clean and you were speeding at less than 25 MPH, you can try for possible dismissal. Contact our traffic ticket attorneys at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP who have the knowledge and experience

to try for the best possible disposition.

Going To Defensive Driving School

There are many factors to consider before opting to take a driving safety course for a dismissal. First, there are several violations that cannot be dismissed by taking a driving safety court. These include:

  • Driving at or over 25 miles per hour above the posted speed limit
  • Not having car insurance at the time of a violation or vehicle crash
  • An infraction for passing a school bus
  • Leaving the scene of a crash or a hit and run
  • Violations that occurred in a construction zone

Second, you can only take one driving safety course every twelve months to have one ticket dismissed.

Third, must contact the court and make a request. Only if and when the Judge grants your request can you take a class To qualify for a defensive driving class, the procedure is generally as follows:

  • Plead guilty or no contest to your traffic violation.
  • Waive a trial by jury.
  • Submit a defensive driving class request form
  • Have a valid Texas driver’s license.
  • Provide proof of valid auto insurance.
  • Pay court costs for the defensive driving course

Avoid this hassle and possible confusion and contact our experienced and knowledgeable traffic ticket attorneys at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP who can best advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of taking a driving safety court.

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