How A Texas Speeding Ticket Can Impact Your Life


If you are like many people, there are times when you drive faster than you should. Perhaps you were late for an appointment, work or getting your child at school. Unfortunately, speeding in Dallas can lead to speeding tickets, and that can cause problems in your life. What seems like a simple matter can have an adverse impact on your life. Learn below how a Texas speeding ticket can affect your life. If you want to fight your traffic ticket, let our Dallas speeding ticket attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP help you.

Effects Of A Texas Speeding Ticket

Going over the speed limit is hazardous and, of course, should be avoided. If you get a Texas speeding ticket, you should be prepared for what happens next. You would be facing the following issue:

  • Driving record: The improper handling of your speeding ticket could result in a conviction of guilty being entered on your driving record. If you get too many points, your driver’s license can even be suspended (more information below). Speeding tickets well above the speed limit can add even more points to your license.
  • Insurance rate: One speeding conviction could result in higher insurance premiums because your auto insurance company would deem you a higher risk.

There are other ways that your speeding ticket can affect your life. For example, you may have difficulty getting certain types of jobs. Getting too many traffic violations can prevent you from getting a security clearance for government work. Also, some companies want employees with clean driving records. With a Texas speeding ticket, getting the job you want could be more difficult.

Some Texas speeders also can be denied promotions because the employer believes they are irresponsible. The last thing you would want is to miss a salary increase or promotion because of a tarnished driving record.

Overview Of The Texas Driving Point System

Like many states, Texas has a point system for traffic tickets. These points are put on your license every time you have a conviction. From the date of your speeding conviction, the offense will stay on your record for three years. So if you get enough speeding tickets within three years, it can impact your driving record.

The points system in Texas is straightforward. Every moving violation, including a speeding ticket, is worth two points; however, a moving violation which causes an injury is three points. If you have four moving violations within 12 months or seven violations within 2 months, your driver’s license can be suspended

Should You Fight A Texas Speeding Ticket?

After getting your Texas speeding ticket, you have several options. You can plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. You think that the fine is reasonable, and you want to resolve this issue quickly. You decide to plead guilty or no contest, and you pay the fine. You think the matter is closed. However, what most drivers don’t realize is that your offense is now on your driving record. In the State of Texas, paying a fine is an admission of guilt. This infraction is now on your driving record.

Another option is to try to have the speeding ticket dismissed by taking a driver safety course. If you want to do that, you must first contact the Court, request this option, and pay the fee. If granted, you must submit proof of completion and your driving record by the prescribed deadline. If you don’t do this, a conviction will be entered on your driving record. Or, if you complete a class prior to contacting the Court, the Court will not accept the certificate of completion.

A final option is to represent yourself in Court – pro se. The question is – do you have the time and expertise to do this?

Avoid these different and confusing and time-consuming options. Choose the simple solution, and contact our traffic ticket attorneys at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP. We will go to Court for you and put up a rigorous defense to arrive at a disposition that will help you keep your driving record clear, reduce court fees, and avoid increase in insurance premiums.

How Likely Is It Your Texas Speeding Ticket Will Be Dismissed?

Before you plead guilty to speeding in Texas, consider a few things. You should understand how likely it is that the ticket can get dismissed. With your attorney, go over the violations on your ticket. Was speeding the only reason you were cited? In many cases, drivers are ticketed for other violations, including:

  • Not having their license with them
  • Driving with an expired driver’s license
  • Driving with an expired vehicle registration
  • Not having proof of insurance
  • Not having a license plate on the front of the vehicle

Also, you cannot get your ticket dismissed in Texas if you were going 25 MPH or more over the limit. Another example is speeding in a school or construction zone or going 95 MPH or faster.

Taking A Texas Driver Safety Course

Getting a speeding ticket dismissed in Texas often involves taking a state-approved driver safety class. If you successfully take and pass the course, the violation and points will not go on your record. This is a critical step to avoid an increase in your insurance premiums and points on your license.

The Court must first grant your request for a driving safety course. The Court will not accept the certificate of completion if you take the class prior to the Court’s approval and payment of the court fee. You have 90 days to complete the class. Upon completion of the class, you must provide the certificate of completion to the court to avoid additional penalties. Oftentimes, you must also submit your driving record.

Yes, taking a driver safety course is an effective way to avoid a Texas speeding ticket from affecting your life. Also, your auto insurance provider may give you a discount for taking the course. However, this option involves many steps and if you forget one part, a conviction will be entered on your driving record.

Make your life easier, and contact ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP.

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