I received a ticket a few years back and to be honest I don’t even remember why I thought I deserved a way out of it. But that just goes to show how involved I was with the process. Meaning I wasn’t involved at all. I didn’t even have to go into their office. Everything was handled over the phone and scanner and Voila! They handled it from there. I did, however, have to go to court for the actual pleading (Is that the word?). It was great. I walked in and they immediately dismissed my case. I met the attorney and that was it. I am not sure how its handled, but I do know that people represented by any sort of counsel have a better chance. Its as if they have some agreement with the municipal government. Like ‘I’ll scratch your back if scratch mine’ sort of policy. Maybe a tad political and corrupt, but hey it got me out of a ticket on my record and all it cost me was a mere $75 versus the $200 citation fee. Not a bad deal.