The Great Texas Warrant Round Up 2024


For the past several years, more than 300 law enforcement agencies across Texas have joined forces and geared up for what is called The Great Texas Warrant Round Up.  More than half of these agencies are located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.

Each year in mid-February to early March, hundreds of law enforcement agencies and municipal courts in big cities and small towns across the State of Texas go after those individuals who have ignored their unpaid tickets – no matter how old.  While individual jurisdictions regularly serve warrants during the year throughout the State of Texas, the massive resource of this huge, combined effort provides much greater opportunities for warrant service across the State of Texas.

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The Texas Warrant Round-Up focuses on and targets individuals with outstanding Class C Misdemeanor Warrants issued in the State of Texas – both moving and non-moving violations, such as speeding, no insurance or expired registration.  The possibility of an arrest exists throughout the year, but the concerted and concentrated effort of multiple agencies during the Texas Warrant Round-Up makes an arrest more probable.

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The Great Texas Warrant Round-Up only covers warrants issued in Texas.  However, do not ignore out-ot-state tickets.  You could be arrested for a suspended Texas driver’s license resulting from an out-of-state ticket.  Many individuals erroneously believe that an out-of-state ticket does not matter. On the contrary – an unresolved out-of-state ticket could have a major impact on your Texas driver’s license. Your Texas driver’s license will remain suspended until you resolve the out-of-state issue.

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If you think that you have an out-of-state ticket, we can research the status of your Texas driver’s license.  If you do have an out-of-state ticket, we can advise you on the process of resolving this issue and help you to have the suspension of your Texas driver’s license lifted.

Let us help you to avoid arrest.  Being jailed for outstanding warrants is an expensive, embarrassing, and time-consuming process. You could be arrested at your home, place of employment, school or anywhere that you can be found.  Furthermore, if you are convicted of a traffic violation, you could face years of additional fees and a possible driver’s license suspension.  Your insurance rates could increase.

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Law enforcement agencies will be sending out Texas Warrant Round-Up notices with the warning “Pay Now!  Avoid Arrest!  Notices could be issued by phone or by mail.  You are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity of showing up in court and paying your fine without the possibility of being arrested.  The court might even grant a payment plan.

NOT SO FAST!  Paying the fine could result in a conviction and points on your driving record.  Insurance rates could increase.

The renewal of your driver’s license could be suspended, and the registration of your motor vehicle could be blocked.

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We will research the status of your Texas driver’s license.  If we do locate outstanding warrants, we could post bond to eliminate the threat of arrest pursuant to the Great Texas Warrant Round Up.  In most courts, we can lift the warrants with no cash up front, thereby potentially saving you significant amounts of money.



Consequences Of Ignoring Speeding Tickets In Texas

ignoring speeding tickets

Keeping a valid driver’s license is important if you want to drive freely and legally in the United States. However, if you get a Texas speeding ticket and have a DPS failure to appear, you could lose your license and suffer other consequences outlined below. If this has happened to you, talk to our Dallas County traffic warrant defense attorneys at Anderson & Anderson, LLP.

Higher Fines

The first consequence of ignoring a speeding ticket in Texas is having a warrant issued for your arrest and having to pay higher fees. Speeding is a Class C Misdemeanor that must be addressed immediately. When the ticket is unpaid, Dallas County will add additional penalties. Fines could increase.

The worst thing to do if you cannot pay for the ticket is to ignore it. You might decide to handle the ticket on your own – pro se. You show up for your court appearance and tell the judge you cannot pay for the ticket. The court might set up affordable monthly payments so you can pay the ticket and avoid other unpleasant consequences, such as a DPS failure to appear charge and OMNI hold. However, a payment plan might result in a conviction on your driving.

Instead of trying to handle this pro se, contact our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP who can assist you with OMNI holds and SCOFFLAW issues.

OMNI Hold And Scofflaw

If not resolved and the citation turns into a warrant, some courts will place an OMNI hold on your driver’s license. You will not be able to renew your license until the speeding ticket is addressed and the OMNI hold paid and lifted.

Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers can help you with the OMNI hold. We can post bonds to have the warrants lifted and advise you on when the OMNI hold can be paid. Each court has a specific time table for removing OMNI holds.

A Texas-related program is SCOFFLAW, which is in Section 502.185 of the Texas Transportation Code. It allows the Court to place a hold on your car registration if you owe the city or county money for traffic tickets. You can only remove the registration block if you resolve your outstanding traffic issues.

Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP can assist you with OMNI holds and SCOFFLAW issues.

Arrest Warrant

If you continue to fail to pay the speeding ticket, Dallas County may put out a warrant for your arrest. You now face the possibility of being arrested and put in jail. If this happens, contact our lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP immediately. defense attorney immediately.

Driving Record Points

If not handled properly, a conviction will be entered on your driving and points will be placed on your driving record. While many drivers do not think about traffic points often, the more you have, the worse the consequences. More points may mean a greater chance of a driver’s license suspension, higher auto insurance rates, and more fines and fees.

Future Negative Consequences

It also is worth thinking about the future consequences of not resolving a Texas speeding ticket. If you move to another state, do not assume the ticket in Texas will be forgotten. Almost every state participates in the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NVRC), which allows states to share information about license suspensions and traffic violations. The last thing you want is to move out of state and discover you cannot get a driver’s license or register a car in that state because of an unpaid speeding ticket.

Avoid this potential problem, and contact our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP.

What To Do Instead Of Not Paying The Speeding Ticket

No one wants to pay a speeding ticket. But it is always best to deal with the situation head-on to avoid more fines, driver’s license suspension, and a traffic warrant. Here are your options:

Pay The Ticket In Full

Yes, paying the speeding ticket in full will close your case. You might think that if you cannot pay it all at once, you can just go to court and tell the judge you want a payment plan. However, paying the ticket means you pleaded ‘no contest,’ which is similar to pleading guilty in the eyes of the law. In addition, your driving record will be updated with the conviction, points will be added to your driving record, and your insurance rates may increase.

Take A Defensive Driving Course

You can take a defensive driving course in Texas to avoid some consequences of a speeding ticket. You can take one defensive driving course every twelve months in Texas to get a ticket dismissed, but you must remember to contact the Court first and make the request. If the Dallas County judge grants the request, you must then pay the Court fees. Then, you must pay the driving safety course fee, complete the course, and send the Certificate of Completion along with your driving record to the Court before the deadline.

Avoid this hassle, and contact our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP.

Plead Not Guilty

If you think the police officer was wrong or you were not speeding, you can always take the case to trial. However, if you decide to represent yourself, the judge will not make it easy on you. Pro se defendants are held to the same standard as an attorney.

Instead, contact our experienced traffic ticket lawyers at ANDERSON & ANDERSON, LLP.

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Not paying a Texas speeding ticket has many consequences, including fines, driver’s license suspension, warrants for your arrest, and even jail time. If you are worried about an unpaid speeding ticket, speak to our Dallas County traffic warrant defense attorneys today at (214) 370-8260.